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What happened to Kelly’s criminal ex-husband in Bling Empire? Everything we know

‘He was running one of the largest cyber scams in American history’

Even if you’ve only watched the very first episode of banging new Netflix show Bling Empire, you’re left with so many questions. What happens to Kelly and Andrew after *that* scene in Paris? How much money do they all actually have, and is Kevin actually as “poor” as they all make out? And of course, what happened to the criminal ex-husband that Kelly mentions?

One of the first scenes of Bling Empire shows Kelly discussing the lavish life she led with her ex-husband, before his arrest for fraud and their subsequent divorce. But what did he actually do, and did he go to prison for it?

Here’s everything we know about what happened to Kelly from Bling Empire’s criminal ex-husband:

In episode one of Bling Empire, Kelly says she was married to a “Chinese guy” when she was in her 20s. “We lived a very privileged, outrageous lifestyle. Seven cars, four houses, we were spending about $400k a month on our black Amex,” she said.

But it all changed one day, when Kelly says “the government showed up and took everything from us.”

kelly, bling empire, netflix, ex-husband, lin miao

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Her husband was arrested for his involvement in a multi-million dollar text message fraud scheme.

Who is Kelly’s ex-husband?

Kelly’s ex-husband is reportedly Lin Miao, a businessman who was born in China and moved to Australia at the age of seven.

He was the CEO of a company which was reportedly sold for $60 million in 2011, and then moved to Los Angeles and founded a start-up in 2013.

He was arrested for fraud along with five others in 2015. They participated in a scam that charged mobile phone users small amounts on a monthly basis, for receiving text messages that they didn’t know about or ask for.

kelly, bling empire, netflix, ex-husband, lin miao

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Others involved in the scam were sentenced to between 30 months (2.5 years) and 10 years in prison. It’s not clear how long Lin was sentenced for.

“My ex-husband was arrested and I didn’t know at the time but he was running one of the largest cyber scams in American history,” Kelly said on Netflix’s Bling Empire. “All of our assets were frozen and we gave the government around $168 million.”

“I didn’t even know who I was sleeping next to.”

Kelly and Lin’s divorce was finalised later that same year.

What happened to Bling Empire’s Kelly after she split up with her ex-husband?

Kelly said she “lost everything” after her husband’s arrest and their divorce. She then “became an entrepreneur”, and it seems like she’s doing alright for herself as she’s worth $5 million.

She also said the experience made her realise “I only wanna date for love now”.

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In Bling Empire Kelly is dating Andrew, an actor who plays the red Power Ranger. In the show their relationship seems rocky to say the least, and there’s speculation over whether the two are still together.

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