Only someone truly stuck in 2006 can get full marks on this mid-00s indie lyrics quiz

Brb just driving to 505

With time, some things will always come back into fashion – be it flares, disco, or the Sopranos. Others stay firmly rooted in their time period, a monument to just how weird we used to be. Shite mid-00s indie? Firmly in the latter category.

It’s been christened “landfill indie”, but you don’t need a label to know what we’re talking about. The Kooks, the Cribs, Kaiser Chiefs, Razorlight – the fare you watched on 4 Music, back in the day of Never Mind the Buzzcocks. Most of us have left those memories behind. But others can remember damned near every word of those iconic bangers.

How well do you remember? Take this mid-00s indie lyric quiz and find out if you’re stuck in 2006.

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