Only the saltiest of seadogs can correctly guess the lyrics in this The Wellerman quiz

Soon may the wellerman come!

Of all the things that have inconceivably become a trend on TikTok, sea shanties are by far the weirdest – but what started as an ironic thing to poke fun at has become a hugely viral and very entertaining movement, and the pioneer of this unlikely movement is undoubtedly The Wellerman. A New Zealand tune from the 1800s, it has sparked an enthusiasm so deep that sea shanty playlists on Spotify are skyrocketing in followers, there are 85 million views under the #seashanty tag on TikTok and EVERYONE is talking about them.

But just how well do you know The Wellerman? By now people have listened to the most popular cover 8.5 million times on Spotify, so surely there are people out there who can recite it word for word? Let’s find out with this The Wellerman lyrics quiz:

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