Gold cones and wonky pines: Meet the uni Christmas trees of 2020

Honestly why do I want my uni to look like a Deloitte office?

This term has been one of the least festive in recent memory – freshers trapped in box rooms for weeks at a time, thousands of Covid cases on campus, and a mental health crisis will do that. So maybe your uni putting a Christmas tree up will help things a little.

Alright, yes, you can question whether you’d actually want your uni spending real money on a Christmas tree that will sit unobserved for most of the festive period.

But Christmas trees are nice. We’ve rounded up British unis’ best efforts. Some of them are genuinely a bit bleak, some are reassuringly homely.


Not being funny but this tree looks like a child broke it while trying to put the lights up.


Classic, they’ve got a nerd tree. It’s the “Sierpinski Tree”, based on fractals, and yes, it’s nice. But where’s the tinsel?


Like the city, the uni’s Christmas tree is big and well lit.


It’s a nice tree but something about the white glow around it makes me feel absolutely hammered looking at it.


I’m not going to lie, this looks like a party hat minus the elastic strap that hurts your chin.

St Andrews

The closest thing to a Christmas tree on their socials is the paltry amount of branches sticking out at the top of this giveaway post. Not very Christmassy.


Amazing effort – very few places bother with baubles these days. Makes you feel at home.


No tree pic from Exeter yet, but rather than leave them out of the list, they did have this incredible effort. Makes you actually want to go there, which is some achievement.


Top marks for vibes but the Christmas tree itself is comparatively tiny.


Festive Deloitte offices. That’s all there is to say.


It’s actually got presents under it. Very homely.


Sure, Lancaster decided to recreate that one really long shot from Limitless – the ultimate festive film – but I can’t actually see a tree.


Very live laugh love, isn’t it. No surprises.


I find the way this Christmas tree pulses to be deeply unsettling. Like watching Midsommar, but with more crazy hippies.


Solid angle on this one. Makes it look far taller than it probably is. Fuckboys take note.

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