It’s official: These are the 50 whitest unis in the UK

Ranked by actual statistics, not by vibe

Whether it’s the word-for-word recitals of Angels at the end of an SU night, or the dogged endurance of pasta with baked beans as an acceptable meal, uni can feel like a pretty white place at times.

But which, out of all of them, is the country’s whitest?

While quantifying a vibe might be impossible, statistics do exist. UCAS’s 2019 end of cycle data show which unis accepted the highest percentage of white students. We’ve only included unis who accepted more than 1,000 students in our analysis, as the UCAS figures are rounded and those variations can distort smaller numbers.

The ranking is dominated by Scottish unis, although it is a Northern Irish uni – Ulster – that takes the top spot. 97 per cent of the students it accepted last year were white.

Concern has been raised before about racial inequality in Scottish unis, with statistics from 2017 showing white students are almost 50 per cent more likely to get a first than black students.

York St John – possibly the most 1410s England uni name of them all – is England’s whitest uni. The remote University of the Highlands and Islands takes the Scottish crown, while Bangor is Wales’ whitest.

A few Russell Group unis snuck in, with Exeter unsurprisingly coming out as the whitest uni of that bunch.

See the full ranking of the UK’s 50 whitest unis below:

1. Ulster: 97.05 per cent

2. Uni of the Highlands and Islands: 95.93 per cent

3. Queen’s University Belfast: 95.87 per cent

4. Stirling: 93.53 per cent

5. York St John: 92.80 per cent

6. Chichester: 92.23 per cent

7. Falmouth: 92.03 per cent

8. Edge Hill: 91.79 per cent

9. Uni of the West of Scotland: 91.37 per cent

10. Bath Spa: 90.42 per cent

11. Bangor: 90.27 per cent

12. Abertay: 89.86 per cent

13. Edinburgh Napier: 89.61 per cent

14. Dundee: 89.43 per cent

15. Chester: 89.09 per cent

16. Hull: 88.93 per cent

17. Lincoln: 88.84 per cent

18. Uni of South Wales: 88.77 per cent

19. Glasgow: 88.66 per cent

20. Northumbria: 88.52 per cent

21. Robert Gordon; 88.41 per cent

22. Strathclyde: 88.22 per cent

23. Exeter: 87.98 per cent

24. Gloucestershire: 87.86 per cent

25. Arts University Bournemouth: 87.68 per cent

26. Edinburgh: 87.56 per cent

27. Durham: 87.35 per cent

28. Liverpool John Moores: 86.88 per cent

29. Glasgow Caledonian: 86.76 per cent

30. Winchester: 86.71 per cent

31. Teesside: 86.42 per cent

32. Plymouth: 86.26 per cent

33. Worcester: 86.03 per cent

34. St Andrews: 85.94 per cent

35. Aberdeen: 85.89 per cent

36. BIMM: 85.28 per cent

37. Newcastle: 85.25 per cent

38. York: 85.21 per cent

39. Aberystwyth: 85.03 per cent

40. Liverpool Hope: 84.75 per cent

41. Cardiff Met: 83.70 per cent

42. Liverpool: 82.29 per cent

43. Cardiff Met: 82.21 per cent

44. Bournemouth: 82.13 per cent

45. Heriot-Watt: 81.88 per cent

46. Bristol: 81.73 per cent

47. Swansea: 81.29 per cent

48. Lancaster: 81.21 per cent

49. Oxford Brookes: 80.79 per cent

50. Southampton Solent: 80.51 per cent

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