This is how much you’ll earn after uni, based on the degree you study

Actually shocked at how far down on the list law is

Let’s assume you get a job after uni. You’re doing well, all things considered. Uni, for all its ups and downs, feels worth it. Perhaps the silliest thing you could do is look at a list which tells you how much more you could’ve earned by doing a different degree. So do that now.

We’ve analysed HESA’s graduate salary data to find the median earnings for each grads from each uni subject. To find this, HESA asked what 2017/18 grads are up to, so – pandemic aside – it’s a pretty good guide to what your chances are.

Ignoring the deservedly heavy pockets of medics and vets, engineers will be raking it in as recent grads while you’re trying to figure out whether it’s okay to spend half your paycheck on a single room, just because it’s in zone two. They’ll be getting, on average, a hair under £29,500 a year.

Art and design students can expect to earn just £20,366 – the lowest of any average.

Law’s not exactly up there – median earnings for £23,666. Although budding lawyers will take some comfort in ending up with the number of the devil.

How much will your degree bag you out of uni?

Medicine & Dentistry: £34,756

Veterinary science: £31,750

Engineering: £29,470

Architecture: £28,169

Maths: £27,391

Computer science: £26,866

Social studies: £26,092

Combined: £26,013

Subjects allied to medicine: £25,922

Education: £25,692

Physical sciences: £25,457

Business: £25,206

Law: £23,666

History/Philosophy: £23,357

Languages: £23,012

Biological science: £22,560

Agriculture: £22,140

Communications/journalism: £21,086

Art & Design: £20,366

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