Zara McDermott Sam Thompson back together

Zara McDermott spotted leaving Sam Thompson’s house this morning in his clothes

He’s refollowed her on Instagram!!

Zara McDermott was pictured leaving Sam Thompson’s house this morning at 9am, leading many people to suspect the two are back together.

She was seen wearing a purple hoodie that is remarkably similar to one Sam was seen wearing a year ago at an event. Sam was pictured leaving his house shortly after.

And if that wasn’t enough to start the getting back together rumours Sam has now followed Zara back on Instagram, having previously unfollowed her during their breakup.

Zara McDermott Sam Thompson back together

via Instagram @zara_mcdermott

Zara and Sam broke up at the end of summer after rumours of Zara cheating on Sam were uncovered and she confessed to cheating on him in a recent Made In Chelsea episode.

Since her confession, Zara has been posting all over Instagram trying to win Sam back, she posted a very tragic video compilation of their time together and saying how much she loved him.

More recently she has posted a picture of them leading many people to suspect they are getting back together. The suspicion grew after Zara and Sam were seen at the same roast together last week, after a friend uploaded a video of them together before swiftly deleting it.

Zara and Sam have also been seen working out with the same personal trainer, after posting pictures from the same gym within an hour. In the most recent episodes of Made in Chelsea Sam has been very clear that he would not get back with Zara and is “completely out” of the relationship.

Neither Zara McDermott or Sam Thompson have commented on if they are back together.

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