People think Zara and Sam are back together and the evidence is mounting

A friend posted a video of them out together and swiftly deleted it 👀

People are beginning to speculate that Zara McDermott and Sam Thompson have got back together, despite their explosive breakup after it was revealed Zara had cheated.

The couple split up in September after 16 months together, and their breakup is currently being shown in scenes on Made in Chelsea. However, the evidence is stacking up that the public is being told one thing, but something completely different is going on behind closed doors.

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A source has told The Sun: “The word amongst their inner circle is they’re back together, but to the public it’s a different story.” There was also a video of Sam and Zara out having a roast with friends, which was swiftly deleted by the friend who posted it, when they realised it would draw attention to the couple spending time together.

The source added: “Zara and Sam had gone out for a Sunday roast with a small group of pals ahead of the looming lockdown. They were all having such a nice time that one got carried away and uploaded a post with Sam and Zara in it, forgetting that they’re not officially together.

“The friend soon realised their mistake and deleted the post before it drew too much attention.”

Zara and Sam have also been spotted having personal training sessions at the gym with the same trainer. The posts were shared within the hour of one another, leading people to believe they were there at the same time.

This comes just days after Zara posted a picture on her Instagram of her and Sam together, which left everyone confused. This weekend she posted the picture on Instagram, captioned: “I choose you. And I’ll choose you over and over. Without pause, without a doubt, in a heartbeat. I’ll keep choosing you.”

The post has left people speculating if they’ve got back together, whilst most are just asking Zara to “give up” her clear mission to win Sam back, despite cheating on him last year. One comment reads: “Know ur worth sis, he doesn’t post anything like this on his page” whilst another added: “Stop begging, if he wants to be with you he would be.”

This week on Made in Chelsea, Sam Thompson said he is “completely out” of the relationship, after reading a heartfelt apology letter which Zara wrote after it was revealed she had cheated. But who knows, watch this space. 👀

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