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Ok, so what is the new TikTok ‘Icon House’ Love Islanders keep hyping up?

Yes unfortunately that is Luke M

Creator houses are taking over TikTok. These expensive mansions full of young, cool TikTokers who rake in millions from their views are popping up all over the world. There’s already a few in the UK, most notably the Wave House and The Bytesquad, and now another one is about to be added to the list – Icon House.

According to New York Times reporter Taylor Lorenz, Icon House is a rebrand of the TikTok creator mansion “MyHouseLDN” after an allegation came out about one of the members for messaging a minor sexual messages. And now Icon House has been going on a mass social media promo in the last week, roping in ex-Islanders Luke M and Georgia Harrison to reveal the members of their group.

So far only two members of the six have been revealed in some very cringe stunts, including a mask unveiling and skydiving out of a plane. However these videos don’t seem to have put off followers, as nearly a quarter of a million accounts follow the Icon House on TikTok.

This is everything you need to know about the Icon House members and why they had to rebrand it in the first place:

Who are the new members of Icon House on TikTok?

Elis Watts

Elis Watts was the first member of the Icon House to be revealed in a video that involved a bunch of girls in ski masks and Georgia Harrison from TOWIE and Love Island taking off Elis’ mask.

He currently has over 300k followers on TikTok and amassed 7.4million likes across his videos. Elis is 18 years old and plays a lot of football from the look of his Instagram.

Elis’ TikToks mainly involve him mouthing along to popular TikTok songs, shaving, and hugging his cuddly Percy Pig. Which ngl I kinda rate.

Josh Ryan

Josh Ryan is the second member of Icon House, and his reveal came in the shape of jumping out of a plane. He already has an insane two million followers on TikTok and nearly 100 million likes across his videos.

But that still doesn’t stop him from doing the most tragic of sponcon on his Instagram, yes people we have another car freshener ad.

Josh was already part of the original MyHouseLDN, which would explain why he already has so many followers.

So why are the Love Islanders involved?

Luke M was the first person to appear on the Icon House Instagram and TikTok page making people think he was going to be joining. But it looks like he’s just there to do some promo for the creator mansion.

He appears by a private jet, getting out of a car when the six unknown creators come out of the plane and Luke throws off his jacket. So yeah that’s all he’s therefore really.


And Georgia’s role was a bit more crucial, she actually unmasked Elis wearing a striking red dress and strutting up to him. Georgia hasn’t posted the video on her main Instagram grid but did share links to it on her story.

What was the drama that caused MyHouseLDN to end in the first place?

Icon House is a rebrand of the original TikTok creator mansion “MyHouseLDN”, which were both created by the agency WeRmedia group.

A MyHouseLDN original member, who goes by the name of Fiddy Rhett on TikTok, faced allegations of sending sexual messages to a girl he knew was 15 years old in September this year.

Fiddy Rhett is 20 years old and currently has over 450k followers on TikTok. Fellow TikToker Kristen Scott, who is 15 years old shared screenshots of her alleged Snapchat conversations with Rhett in a video on her TikTok account.

Rhett addressed the allegations on his own TikTok account and apologised to Kristen and anyone who was triggered by the posts. He said being 20  years old, he was not prepared for the level of responsibility that came with having a large platform and said he was in no way “defending his actions”.

WeRmedia group issued their own statement regarding the allegations on their Instagram account. They said they were aware of the allegations and do not tolerate any breach of the law, and they have “zero tolerance” for “unacceptable behaviour of this nature”. They also said they were taking steps to change the lineup of MyHouseLDN.


Fiddy Rhett confirmed he was no longer part of MyHouseLDN in response to a question in a later TikTok video.

Featured image credit: via Instagram @itsiconhouse

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