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For some reason Pope memes are back and these are 21 funniest new ones

Pope 2.0 is just chef’s kiss

Pope memes are back in our lives and this time they’ve been given a serious upgrade. In the last few years they’ve just been Pope Francis holding up CDs that are usually pretty cringe or embarrassing. But now Twitter users have taken the memes to the next level with a resurgence taking place in the memes this weekend.

Not content with just holding up albums, now Pope Francis is holding the Nintendo Dogs DS game, Sophie and Pete from Gogglebox and Jason Derulo falling down the stairs. There is even more variation, with some making memes that have added moustaches or a phone falling on the Pope’s face.

The original image of Pope Francis was taken in 2013 and featured the Pope holding a Eucharist wafer up. The photo was then uploaded to Getty Images, and what a gift this image has been to us all.

These are the 21 funniest new Pope memes taking over Twitter right now:

1. Nothing better than this OG game

2. What would Gogglebox be without these two?

3. The power you had whipping one of these out

4. Legendary

5. HAhahaha hate when this happens

6. He really is there to catch us when we fall

7. A Russian doll Pope

8. Even the Pope enjoys a game of Uno

9. Sublime

10. Soz hun, couldn’t resist x

11. Chef’s kiss

12. My precious meme

13. Never gets old

14. The key to my heart

15. Hehehe

16. What a blessing Greggs has bestowed upon us

17. An iconic kiss

18. Name a better album

19. Can’t relate

20. Oh I shall

21. Hahha what a gift the Pope meme is

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