are you not ashamed of yourself

Ok, so who is behind the ‘are you not embarrassed?’ audio on TikTok?

Are you not ashamed of yourself for not knowing this?

If you’ve been on TikTok recently you will definitely have encountered the familiar audio of: “Are you not ashamed of yourself? Are you not embarrassed? This is embarrassing.”

The iconic audio usually accompanies videos of people calling others out, like when girls say they aren’t feminists or for sharing tragic moments in their own lives they should be embarrassed about, such as waiting up till 1am for him to call. Spoiler alert, he isn’t calling.

But who is actually speaking in this clip? And who put it on TikTok for the world to enjoy? Because I want to send them my thanks, it’s an iconic TikTok audio clip.

Where did the “are you not ashamed of yourself?” clip come from?

Back in July, YouTuber Nella Rose uploaded a video about her peeves of online shopping. And one them happened to be her calling out brands for not having next day delivery in the era of Amazon.

And this is when Nella says the iconic phrase: “Are you not ashamed of yourself? Are you not embarrassed? This is embarrassing.”

She says it around 5:16 and the video has got nearly 250k views since she uploaded it.

How did it end up on TikTok then?

The audio first appeared on TikTok on August 21st by user theeserena who used it on a video. She had the words “Colleges when they see my results at enrolment day” as the main feature of the TikTok with the audio in the background.

@theeserenahembarazzin ##foryoupage ##fyp ##foryou ##gcses2020 ##resultsday2020 ##resultsday♬ original sound – Serena la stronza😍

It quickly got thousands of views and now has over 330k likes on TikTok. Since then people have been applying it to embarrassing situations and users such as Tana Mongeau have made videos with the sound. The audio has been used on TikTok over 22k times since the initial upload.

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