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These are the 27 funniest ‘how it started vs how it ended’ memes

My handwriting will never be that neat

How it started memes are taking over Twitter and you can’t scroll through the app without seeing someone’s glow up, the messages they used to slide into the DMs or their wedding pics.

The meme began when a Twitter user, shared two photos with her partner, one with how they began talking and the second the two hugging now. She captioned them “how it started” and “how it ended”. The tweet got over 25k likes and ever since people have been sharing the moment they started chatting to their partner to the place they’re in now.

It’s all very sweet and wholesome, but a bit boring. Luckily some people have been creating parodies of the meme, that either end with “how it’s going” or “how it ended” depending on the images.

Usually it’s in reference to a non-existent relationship or it can be something totally unrelated like how neat your handwriting is at the start of an essay exam versus the end where it looks like a three-year-old has written it.

These are the 27 funniest “how it started” memes:

1. The actual winners of Love Island 2019

2. How did it end up like this?

3. Wow I have been triggered


5. I’m just gonna download this one app, I won’t get addicted

6. Damn and here I am saying RIP to my fourth basil plant

7. Never related to anything so much

8. The Gogglebox couple goals

9. Still not over it

10. Think I deserve a break now

11. Never forget Edward gagging at the sight of Bella

12. Jon really did her dirty

13. How did I end up here?

14. Just a quick break here to say QUEEN

15. My handwriting is never that neat

16. Where it all began

17. Delicious

18. He’s so different to other guys I’ve met

19. Rejection, after rejection

20. What a precious lil guy

21. Nothing cuts deeper than “seen”

22. Lol it’s defo the other way around

23. She really won

24. Alex and Olivia are practically royalty

25. A piece of internet history

26. At least I’m consistent

27. We stan a legend

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