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You can now search for songs on Spotify using just the lyrics

Finally a way to find Harry Styles’ music even quicker

Spotify will now allow you to search for songs using just the lyrics in their latest feature the “lyrics match”.

This is a game changing feature. When a song comes on at pres that you don’t know the name of, but you don’t wanna be that person who asks what the song is called, now all you have to do is use the search feature to find the song.

In order to find the song name, simply head to the usual search bar and begin typing in the lyrics. A little title under the song “lyrics match” will pop up and voila, you have your song.

Spotify haven’t officially made the announcement of their lyrics match feature, but a designer for Spotify Lina Wang announced the news on Twitter.

As long as you have iOS14 or Android and your Spotify app is up to date then the feature should be available on your phone.

This news is almost as good as when Spotify offered all premium users a free Google Mini Nest Speaker in September. The speakers which retail for £49.99 were available for Spotify premium users totally free of charge in four colours and allows you to play music, podcasts and radio from Spotify.

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