You can now see what your top streamed songs on Spotify have been during lockdown

I’ve been listening to Ariana a lot ok

Right now, it might seem as though one of your only saving graces is music. It’s probably keeping you sane and really helping you through this lockdown period. And now you can find out exactly which songs you’ve been listening to the most, with the help of Tixel on Spotify.

We’re all obsessed with Spotify Wrapped each year when it comes around and now concert ticket site Tixel has created a site where we can find out our music habits from whilst we’ve been in lockdown. It’s similar to Spotify Wrapped, but just pulls the data from the recent timeframe and gives you a list of the three songs you’ve played the most.

So if you been drowning your sorrows to Lana Del Ray, attempting to still feel empowered blaring out Beyoncé tracks, or have listened to ‘Say So’ 50+ times trying to learn the dance – prepare to feel slightly outed here.

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Tixel Spotify

How to use Tixel to find your most streamed songs on Spotify during lockdown

To find out what your top listened to songs during lockdown have been, all you need to do is:

• Go to the Tixel Spotify page here and select “Login with Spotify”

• The page then analyses what you’ve listened to and tells your your top three lockdown songs

You then have the option to download the screenshot, share directly to Instagram or never speak about it ever again, your choice I guess. Loads of people have been sharing their results on Twitter.

Find out your top listened to tracks during lockdown with the Tixel campaign here. 

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