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Ranked: The top 20 most liked Instagram posts ever

Wow, how did my brunch photo not make it?

Instagram is approaching its 10th anniversary and during the last 10 years there’s been a truly insane amount of likes. The app has 3.5 billion likes per day, I’m not even going to try and calculate how many that is in 10 years, but the point is, there’s a LOT. And it appears Kylie Jenner has about half of them. In the top 20 most liked Instagram posts ever Kylie has a solid eight posts out of  20.

Apart from Kylie, also on the list of most liked Instagram pictures ever is Selena Gomez who has two posts, The Rock, Chadwick Boseman and an egg. Because why not.

Surprisingly none of the other Kardashian klan’s photos have made it to this ranking. Kris Jenner must be fuming. The top 20 is a rather interesting look at what we all have liked the most in the last 10 years on Instagram. And shockingly the really cute pic I got on my holiday didn’t make the list.

Anyway, these are the top 20 most liked pictures on Instagram ever:

20. Kylie Jenner, Travis Scott and Stormi

Kicking off the first of Kylie’s many top 20 posts is this sweet one of her with Travis and Stormi. The picture has 13,580,787 likes so far and was posted in April 2019, back when Travis and Kylie were still together. Sad times.

19. Stormi skiing

She’s not even three years old and yet Stormi can snowboard and get one of the most liked videos in history. Must be nice having Kylie Jenner as your mum.

This video was posted in December 2019 and has 13,697,545 likes so far.

18. Another Kylie photo

The third photo from Kylie in the top 20 is a series of solo shots of her looking fit af. Fair enough. This post was only uploaded in September this year and already has nearly 14 million likes.

17. Billie Eilish’s many Grammy wins

Finally a break from Kylie. This photo celebrating Billie’s well deserved achievements was posted in January this year and features her holding her five Grammys. No big deal.

It’s currently on 13,894,676 likes.

16. Kylie and Stormi

And back to Kylie. This picture of her kissing Stormi is actually very cute, so makes total sense it has over 14 million likes. Kylie posted this in June this year and said it was from when she was shooting for Vogue Czechoslovakia.

15. Kylie and Travis

There’s a theme going on here. This NSFW photo of Kylie and Travis has 14,007,356 likes and was posted in September last year.

The photo was part of their shoot for Playboy where Travis interviewed Kylie.

14. Kobe Bryant’s last Instagram post

This is the last photo Kobe Bryant posted before he died tragically alongside his daughter Gigi in a helicopter crash early this year.

It was posted on the day of his death and features a shout out to his friend LeBron James. The picture has now amassed over 14.1 million likes.

13. Cristiano Ronaldo’s birthday

Aside from Instagram’s official account, Cristiano Ronaldo is the most followed person on the app, so it figures he’d have at least one top 20 post.

This simple birthday picture gained over 14.3million likes and was posted in February of this year.

12. Selena Gomez and her friends

My friends and I go to the beach and take pictures exactly like this. And yet where are our 14,465,670 likes? Selena posted this in February last year.

The series of photos were in celebration of her friend getting married.

11. Selena in Italy

Selena’s second post in the ranking of top 20 most liked pictures ever is just a picture of her on a boat in Italy.

We’ve all got pics like this from our holidays on our Instas and whilst we’re lucky if we get over 100 likes, Selena got a causal 14.4 million likes for this gorgeous photo of her.

10. The Rock gets married

Coming in at number 10 is this super happy picture of The Rock and his wife Lauren Hashian from their wedding.

He posted this the day after the wedding in August last year and it quickly got over  14.5 million likes.

9. Stormi having a bubble bath

Kylie is not done with her many liked photos. This cute picture of Stormi having a bath was posted in late March this year and currently has 15,338,357 likes.

8. LeBron James’ dedication post to Kobe Bryant

Two days after Kobe Bryant’s tragic death, Lebron James shared his tribute post on Instagram and it quickly gained over 15 million likes.

7. A lot of trees

Bit random but one of the top liked photos is this one from TenTree who said they would be planting trees once the post reached a certain number of likes.

It was posted in April last year and has over 15 million likes, since it’s first gone up they’ve planted 500k trees and once it reaches 20 million likes they will be getting a million trees planted.

6. Kylie’s birthday tribute to Travis

Just missing out on the top five, is Kylie’s tribute post to Travis Scott. The sweet series of videos and photos posted by Kylie in April this year has nearly 16 million likes since it first went out.

5. The Friends cast

Nearly a year ago Jennifer Anniston broke the internet by finally joining Instagram. And for her first post she shared a selfie with her Friends co-stars.

Until David Attenborough joined Instagram, Jennifer had the world record for the fastest person to get to one million followers.

4. Stormi Webster

Imagine being Stormi? You’re in the top five most liked pictures on Instagram ever literally just for being born. Kylie posted this in February 2018 and it currently has over 18.5 million likes.

3. Chadwick Boseman’s family announce his death

The news of Chadwick Boseman’s passing was a shock and great sadness for millions of people. And over 19 million people liked his family’s announcement that he had sadly passed away from cancer that he had been battling with for the last four years without telling anyone.

2. XXXTentacion’s last Instagram post

XXXTenaction’s last Instagram post before his death in 2018 now has over 21 million likes and is the only photo left on his Instagram page, that has over 18 million followers.

1. And the winner is… egg

The most liked picture on Instagram in the last ten years so far is an egg. It currently has over 54 million likes and the reason it has so many was that it set out to do that exactly.

The world_record_egg account wanted to get a world record and knock Kylie Jenner off the top spot. And thank god it has.

All like numbers were correct at time of publishing. 

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