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Quiz: Plan an outfit and we’ll tell you which Netflix style queen you are

I just wanna be Katherine Ryan in The Duchess

This year has been undeniably bad, but perhaps the only positive to it is the wardrobes of our favourite Netflix queens. From Christine Quinn, to Nurse Ratched, to Katherine Ryan in The Duchess, Netflix has really stepped up their fashion game this year and I am so here for it.

They’re all so different, some of them are glamorous like Christine and Katherine, others are classic like Nurse Ratched whereas others like Carole Baskin are just completely out there. And of course Maeve Wiley in Sex Education and Francesca Farago in Too Hot To Handle are a bit more realistic, wearing clothes normal girls actually have in their wardrobes.

But which of these six style icons are you most like based on your wardrobe choices? We’ve designed a quiz which will tell you if you’re more of a Carole or Christine.

Plan an outfit, answer some questions about your fashion choices and your style twin will be revealed:

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