Quiz: On a scale of one to Nurse Ratched, how evil are you?

If you’re more than 75 per cent, stay away from me

Every once in a while, Netflix brings us a powerful female villain who we are both equally parts obsessed with and scared by. One of those is Nurse Mildred Ratched: The evil queen of fashion who ruins anyone who gets in the way of what she wants. But how much like her are you really? This quiz is about to tell you.

Do you have it in you to be cool, calm and collected in the darkest of situations? Are you willing to do literally anything to get to the top? Is your life full of dark and haunting secrets which have shaped you into the evil narcissist you are today? Or are you the complete opposite end of the spectrum? A loving, innocent flutter of brightness who simply wants the world to be a merry and harmonious place and truly believes that is possible in life.

This quiz will tell you, on a scale of one to Nurse Ratched, how evil you actually are. If you get 75 per cent or higher, be scared.

Take this quiz to see how similar to Nurse Ratched you really are:

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