Quiz: TikTok is obsessed with them, but would you date Draco, Harry Styles or R-Patz?

I’ll take them all

As a teenage girl our one true love was the holy trinity of fandoms – Harry Potter, Twilight and One Direction. And now we’re all grown up we’re still pretty much obsessed with the main boys from each fandom.

Harry Styles and his wardrobe just get better and better, Robert Pattinson has matured like a fine wine, and weirdly Draco Malfoy is having a resurgence in hotness thanks to TikTok. But of course it’s only right to fancy Draco in the last three films, otherwise that’s just weird. All three of the fandoms have collided and 13-year-old me just can’t handle the attractiveness coming up on my “For You” page.

They’re all such different vibes and yet we’re united in our love of them, but of course we all have our favourite. But would you be able to date your dream fandom man? Well take our highly accurate quiz to find out.

Through a number of questions about your personality and what you like in a guy, we’ll tell you which of the three men you’re most suited too. And be warned, you might want Harry but you’re probably more suited to Draco. I’m sorry I don’t make the rules (I just do the quiz).

Take this quiz to find out if you’d date Draco, Harry Styles or R-Patz:

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