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New Love Island USA starts tonight, so it’s time to meet the insanely fit Islanders

Never seen a more attractive group of people in my life

Unfortunately we weren’t given a new series of Love Island this summer thanks to the pandemic, but luckily the brand new series of Love Island USA starts on ITV2 tonight and the cast are honestly the most good looking bunch of people I’ve ever seen in my life.

The 11 Islanders will not be in a villa this year but instead on a boujee rooftop of a Las Vegas hotel and the trailer actually looks like this series is going to be decent.

Amongst the Love Island USA series two cast are a student, a survivor of the Rwandan Genocide and a college football player. And naturally of course they’re all incredibly attractive and already got huge Instagram followers, one of the girls has a million followers?? And two of them are verified as well.

Meet the Love Island USA series two cast:

The Girls

Mackenzie Dipman

via Instagram @mackenziedipman

Instagram: @mackenziedipman

Age: 24

Mackenzie is a student from Arizona and is definitely trying to go for the cool girl vibe. She apparently loves sports and wants to find someone to watch the “big game” with and have pizza and beer.

Mackenzie’s exes are all millionaires and her celebrity crush is Matthew McConaughey. For the last few years she’s worked as a bottle service girl in a club at Arizona during uni.

via Instagram @mackenziedipman

Her Instagram is full of a LOT of bikini pictures and she currently has 129k followers.

Cely Vazquez

via Instagram @thecelyvazquez

Instagram: @thecelyvazquez

Age: 24

Cely is from Sacramento, California and studied at California State University where she got a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice. Now she works as legal secretary.

She was the head cheerleader of her high school team, speaks fluent Spanish and plays guitar.

via Instagram @thecelyvazquez

Cely also loves Star Wars marathons and believes “animals are friends not food”, so does this mean she’s a vegan?

Justine Ndiba

via Instagram @justinejoy312

Instagram: @justinejoy312

Age: 27

Justine is originally from the Democratic Republic of the Congo and survived the Rwandan Genocide. She moved with her family to the US in 2001.

She works as a billing coordinator and a part time go go dancer. Justine is looking for a tall man so she can wear heels.

via Instagram @justinejoy312

Justine has over 12k followers on Instagram and mainly posts selfies and pictures with her friends.

Moira Tumas

via Instagram @moiratumas

Instagram: @moiratumas

Age: 28

Moira is a model who is joining the Love Island USA season two cast after the breakup of an eight year relationship, as her ex wasn’t ready to get married.

Her celebrity crushes are Paul Rudd and Liam Hemsworth. Moira likes doing hot yoga and drawing.

via Instagram @moiratumas

Moira has over 20k followers on Instagram and doesn’t actually post that much, it’s mainly full of her modelling work.

Kaitlynn Anderson

via Instagram @kaitlynnjanderson

Instagram: @kaitlynnjanderson

Age: 27

Kaitlynn lives in Michigan where she works as a promoter, oh and she has a casual one million followers on Instagram already.

She’s been single for six years and her celebrity crush is Leonardo DiCaprio (who’s isn’t though?).

via Instagram @kaitlynnjanderson

Kaitlynn loves murder mysteries, festivals and pilates.

The Boys

James McCool

via Instagram @james_mccool1

Instagram: @james_mccool1

Age: 27

Yes his surname really is “McCool”. James is the youngest of four brothers and works as a personal trainer.

James was once in the military and in his spare time he plays basketball and drums.

via Instagram @james_mccool1

If you hadn’t noticed already James has a lot of tattoos with both his arms covered in sleeves.

Jeremiah White

via Instagram @cortezwhite_

Instagram: @cortezwhite_

Age: 22

Jeremiah is from Mississippi and works as a retail sales associate. He likes to work out, go fishing and hunting during his spare time. He had me until the hunting.

Jeremiah is looking for a “goofy girl” but calls himself a “flirt”.

via Instagram @cortezwhite_

He has over 15k followers on Instagram and posts a lot of shirtless pictures.

Carrington Rodriguez

Instagram: C_rod003

Age: 22

Carrington looks like your typical frat boy but he actually is a sales manager. He lives in Salt Lake City, Utah where he often goes snowboarding in his spare time.

His last relationship ended three years ago but he is apparently a major rom-com fan.

Carrington has over 15k followers on his Instagram and whilst he doesn’t post much, he does look damn fine in a suit.

Connor Trott

via Instagram @trottfit

Instagram: @trottfit

Age: 23

Connor is an auditor who has a master’s degree in Accounting. Connor clearly has a passion for the gym as his entire Instagram is full of workout videos and post gym selfies.

Apparently he’s not very good at “picking up girls” and he’s rocked a pretty good beard from time to time according to his Insta.

via Instagram @trottfit

Connor definitely has an Adam Collard look about him and is from Pittsburg.

Tre Forte

via Instagram @tgiforte

Instagram: @tgiforte

Age: 25

Tre is one of the only islanders who is already blue tick verified on Instagram where he has 18k followers.

He’s a personal trainer and has three younger siblings. His celebrity crush is Rihanna.

via Instagram @tgiforte

Tre is from Florida but used to play football for Ohio State Univeristy.

Johnny Middlebrooks

Instagram: @johnny_llee

Age: 22

Johnny is the other Islander who is already blue tick verified on Instagram and he has 181k followers.

He is a business director and is looking for love and hopes not to come across as a player.

Johnny likes modelling, photography and hiking. I would gladly walk thousands of miles for this man.

Love Island USA starts tonight at 9pm on ITV2.

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