How well do you really remember the early 2010s? Take this quiz to find out

Never forget Lady Gaga’s meat dress

Growing up as a teenager in the early 2010s was a weird moment in our lives. We were spending every day on our new iPads or iPhones, playing Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja. We had moustaches on all clothing and our weekends were consumed with trips to the cinema to see the latest Twilight film and getting a milkshake from Shake Away.

In actual real news the world was obsessed with Wills and Kate getting married and we actually did a pretty good job in the 2012 Olympics. And then who could forget Lady Gaga’s meat dress? Or the radio being filled with Katy Perry, Taio Cruz and Kesha?

And let’s not get started on the surge in internet popularity that caused Zoella and the cinnamon challenge to come into our lives. I’m still not sure which is worse tbh. We danced to Gangham Style and the Harlem Shake and did our first posts on Instagrams. But if I hadn’t just told you all of that how well would you remember the early years of the 2010s?

Well take this quiz to test your early 2010s knowledge:

Featured image credit before edits: Robert Pattinson and Kirsten Stewart – accidentalpaparazzi / Creative Commons Licence. Blue background by Gear5.8 by Roberto R. on Unsplash

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