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Quiz: Which of the girls from Aquamarine are you really?

I just want to be with Raymond and have blue extensions in my hair

There is arguably no better teenage girl film than the 2006 movie Aquamarine. Jojo, Emma Roberts, a mermaid and a fit guy. It’s essentially a recipe for the perfect movie. And unlike a lot of teenage girl films, all three of the main girls had developed personalities and you would literally be happy getting any of them as a result in an Aquamarine quiz.

Which is why we created a quiz to decide which of the Aquamarine girls you’re most like. Throughout the film as Hailey and Claire try to stop Hailey’s mum moving to Australia by getting a mermaid called Aquamarine to fall in love with the lifeguard Raymond, we learn a lot about their personalities.

Aquamarine is fun, friendly and always goes after what she wants. Hailey is independent, adventurous and a great friend. Claire is sweet, shy and occasionally a little scared of the world. But which one of the girls are you most like?

Take this Aquamarine quiz to find out:

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