Quiz: Would you end up with Lewis or Zane from H2O?

I’ve fancied Zane since I was 10

H20: Just Add Water was primarily about the three girls and their journey as mermaids but two very important guys were also there to help them. And provide our early crushes aged 10. Lewis and Zane are poles apart and yet you’ve got to love them both.

Lewis is sweet, kind and incredibly intelligent. Zane is also pretty clever if it’s at business, manipulation or flirting. However Zane does become nicer as he dates Rikki and Lewis gains in confidence throughout the three series. But which one would you most like to date?

Are you all about having fun, getting expensive gifts and always got a thing for a bad boy? Well then you’re best suited to being with Zane. However if you’re more into a slow pace of life, sweet inexpensive gifts and a boy you can take home to your mum then you’re better off with Lewis.

Both Lewis and Zane are both great options and ideally you’d want them both but in our quiz you will only be given one of them, so choose your answers wisely.

Take this quiz to see if you’d up with Zane or Lewis from H2o: Just Add Water:

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