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Which mermaid from H2O: Just Add Water are you really? Take this quiz to find out

We can’t all be Cleo

I don’t know about you but my early teenage years revolved around Emma, Cleo and Rikki. It’s safe to say everyday after school Nickelodeon would be on and I would spend time my time fantasying about becoming a mermaid. And getting with Zane of course.

Rikki was sassy, Emma was super organised and quite annoying and Cleo was a sweet wholesome angel. It was a quality show. And there’s a bit of the girls in all of us. But let’s face it we all have one we’re definitely most like.

You can’t be high maintenance without drawing some comparison to Emma. Similarly you can’t be fiercely independent without thinking you’re quite like Rikki.

We’ve devised a highly accurate quiz which will tell you which girl from H2O: Just Add Water you really are. From questions on what the best part of being a mermaid is to which smoothie you’d get at the Juice Net cafe, we’ve covered it all to determine which of the girls you’re most like.

Take this H2O: Just Add Water character quiz to see which mermaid you actually are:

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