These are the most oversubscribed unis in the country

Honestly why do so many people want to go to Southampton?

UCL gets nearly 10 applications for every student who actually ends up there, making it the most in-demand uni in the country.

The Bentham-obsessed Bloomsbury institution narrowly beat out Southampton and Manchester, according to 2019 UCAS admissions stats.

In fact, Manchester gets a whopping 33,000 applications each year – only finding space for around 3,600 of those.

Neither Oxford or Cambridge feature in the top 25 most oversubscribed unis – clear proof that people just don’t want to take a very predictable L.

Does your uni rank in the top 25? Find out below:

Source: UCAS 2019 end-of-cycle data, June deadline applicants as proportion of placed June deadline applicants

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