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These 33 Kissing Booth 2 memes are better than Marco and Elle’s dance routine

Can someone please explain why I’m crying at such a trashy film?

Here we go again, The Kissing Booth 2 is on Netflix. It’s one of those movies which is unquestionably bad, but you can’t help but lap up every single second – and probably cry, a lot. And now you’ve sat through all two hours of it (why oh why), you’re probably lapping up The Kissing Booth 2 memes as well.

Nobody can get over how, yet again, Netflix has us watching a trashy film just because it’s there. We’re all still obsessed with Noah, hating shady AF Chloe and wondering how so many people can be so emotionally invested in Dance Dance Nation.

Here are all the best memes about The Kissing Booth 2 on Netflix.

1. Marco deserved better !

2. Why am I like this x

3. The reject club x

4. She is shady af

5. How did she break his heart and not say congrats either?!

6. But also… did he cheat or?

7. Pretty much

The Kissing Booth 2, memes, Kissing Booth, movie, film, Netflix, reactions


9. Even though she didn’t know he was going to be there, have some SENSE girl

10. It’s just the truth

11. That’s a big no from me

12. Savage, but where is the lie?

13. Honestly thought I was the only person who noticed this

14. Why is she always so sad though?

15. Awkward

16. I need some answers!!!

17. I can’t unsee this

18. Interesting x


20. I’m enjoying this a lot

21. STOP

22. How did this happen?

23. Seriously where did that even come from???

24. Elle’s performance at the dinner was top class get it GIRL


26. I have my doubts I hate to admit

27. And this is the tweet

28. Nice x

29. Why am I so emotional at such a trash film pls

30. Netflix really just did that

31. You know

32. I need help x

33. Obviously

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