Meet Indya Moore, ‘Pose’ star and Twitter’s latest crush

They are one HUNDRED per cent vibes

Indya Moore is making waves. You’ve probably seen their face before – they’ve been circulating Twitter recently, usually in the form of four images in a grid just simply showing off their beauty. Or maybe you’ve seen them on Instagram, where they’ve been more vocal than ever amidst Black Lives Matter. More vocal than a person overly concerned with the appearance of their “feed” would be. As vocal as we all should be, to be honest.

That’s Indya Moore. The 25-year-old trans actor and activist is currently starring in FX’s series Pose, a TV show about ballroom culture set in the late 80s. They are also… to be blunt… stunning. Here’s everything you need to know about Indya Moore, because you’ve probably got heart eyes for them already.

Indya got their start on Pose

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Via FX

Indya never took acting classes or went to acting school, but appeared as a background person on “The Get Down”, found an agent and was then cast for Pose. Pose is about ball culture in the 80s (or 90s come season two) and is written by Glee and AHS alumnus Ryan Murphy. Indya plays Angel, a transgender sex worker who joins the House of Evangelista after leaving the House of Abundance with their friend Blanca.

Angel then meets Evan Peters and becomes his mistress, but don’t worry – he was too bland to make it to season two.

Indya Moore is transgender

Indya is trans and goes by they/them pronouns. They opened up about this on Instagram last year, so if you’ve seen Indya being called “she”, this may explain it: “I’m still navigating various levels of insecurity around the way people consume my identity & I often slip up in compromising my [personal gender pronouns] for other peoples comfort in fear of their ability to understand and how that ends up being projected on me.

“I am non binary but I also realise for cis people & even binary trans people, that my identity/PGP being respected depends on their ability to understand it […] I’m overwhelmingly affected by my fears of being perceived as difficult […] so I usually keep it to myself to make it easier for others because I don’t feel like a lot of people are ready yet. I’m also aware how cis assumed/binary I look so thats also why I feel conflicted. I usually just go along with it. I also feel bashful around correcting people – I’ll get back soon with more courage and insight. In the meantime I do prefer that people use they them pronouns to identify me.”

They’re also in Queen and Slim

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Via @indyamoore on Instagram

Holding the unofficial title as vibiest film of all time, Queen and Slim – the directorial debut of Melina Matsoukas with a screenplay written by Lena Waithe – features Indya playing the role of Goddess. First off, imagine two of your main character names being Angel and Goddess… honestly goals. That’s how you know you’re fit.

I digress. Indya plays Goddess, one of the many bejewelled partners of Uncle Earl, who struts around in diamanté cycling shorts, says “catalina” in a really cool way and looks at everyone with a kind of quiet sexy wisdom.

indya moore, indya moore pose, indya moore transgender, indya moore twitter, indya moore instagram

Via @indyamoore on Instagram

They’ve modelled for Louis Vuitton and Calvin Klein

Indya has modelled for some pretty big names, including the iconic initials of LV and CK. They told Elle that it was “super important” for there to be a little bulge in the Calvin Klein shoot, as well as boobs. Trans excellence, to be honest.

They’re an activist, and a worthy follow on Insta and Twitter

Indya is very outspoken on Twitter and IG, posting regularly on the topic of trans rights and BLM. Their Twitter bio is “actions speak louder than tweets” and their IG bio is “actions speak louder than memes” so you know they know what’s good. If you’re in the market to learn more (which, if you’re white, you should be) then they’re a good follow for resources and eye opening opinions.

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