All the theories of what happened to Patrice Endres from Netflix’s Unsolved Mysteries

There’s been suspicion around convicted killers and even her husband

Last week, Netflix released the first six episodes of new true crime series Unsolved Mysteries. One of the cases which the show explores is that of Patrice Endres in the episode called “13 Minutes”.

On April 15th 2004, Patrice Endres took a phone call in her salon at 11:37am and then there was another phone call, which she never answered, at 11:50am. Police believe it was in these 13 minutes that she was abducted.

Her remains were found in December 2005, after she had been missing for 600 days. Her body was found near a church, around six miles from her salon. What happened to Patrice Endres has never been determined, but there are lots of theories about what may have happened – here they are.

Patrice Endres was killed by Gary Hilton

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Gary Michael Hilton is the first suspect in this case who was introduced in the Netflix documentary. He is a convicted serial killer and had a past of abducting women.

In police interviews Hilton said he would sometimes go in person to con victims, and he had been seen and stopped by police in the area around Patrice Endres’ hair salon previously. He had said before that one of his favourite places was a hair salon and he would go around lunchtime. Police have never been able to give him an alibi, but there is no proof of his involvement. He is still a “potential” suspect.

Or Patrice Endres was killed by Jeremy Jones

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The second convict who is introduced in the Netflix series as a suspect is Jeremy Jones. He confessed to multiple murders of women. During his interviews, he told police he needed to tell them about a hairdresser in Georgia. He then went on to say he abducted Patrice Endres.

He said he approached her shop and asked her to come outside and help him jump-start his car. He then forced her into the car and said he would kill her. He said he had put her body in a river, but police found nothing. He took back his confession. Police still say he knew a lot of information for someone who wasn’t there, and remains a “strong” suspect.

Patrice’s son and friends are suspicious of her husband, Rob Endres

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Pistol, Patrice’s son, says he told police he believes her husband Rob had something to do with his mother’s murder. It is said that Patrice wanted a divorce, and that Rob was described as “jealous”. Friends of Patrice’s also told police that they needed to look into Rob – because she wasn’t as happy as she had been before, and they think he had something to do with it.

Rob Endres denies any involvement and says he had no idea that she had wanted a divorce. He says it is physically impossible for it to have been him. He said he was at home, and then went to get gas for his car – the receipt for which was time stamped. He then went to work, which included taking his car through turn-style to get in, which would have also been time recorded. He claims its not possible for him to have travelled to his wife’s salon in the time she went missing.

Police say they built a timeline of Rob’s whereabouts on the day, which doesn’t illuminate him but greatly reduces the chances he could have done it.

Police have also looked into it being a potential murder for hire

Police also say they looked into the possibility of Rob being involved in a murder for hire plot against Patrice. They say they haven’t illuminated the idea, but haven’t found any further evidence to suggest it was a murder for hire case.

Patrice Endres, theories, what happened, Netflix, Unsolved Mysteries, 13 Minutes, abduction, death

Patrice Endres, via Netflix

Another theory is that it was someone else that Patrice Endres knew

Another theory is that Patrice was abducted by someone else who she knew. The person would have known her routine and whereabouts, as there was no sign of a struggle at the hair salon and everything was left there clean. It also could have been more than one person.

The car which was spotted outside by two independent witnesses remains a key piece of evidence and the only major lead to what may have happened.

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Or her abduction and death could have been a robbery gone wrong

In the Netflix documentary, police say the theory of the case being a robbery gone wrong is “unlikely”, but it could still have be a plausible explanation. When police arrived to the salon, a small amount of money had been taken from the till and Patrice’s wedding ring has never been recovered.

If you have any information about this case, or any other in the Unsolved Mysteries series, you can submit it via the Unsolved website. 

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