Jeffrey Epstein’s ex Ghislaine Maxwell has reportedly been arrested by the FBI

Her whereabouts had been a mystery since Epstein’s death

Ghislaine Maxwell, the ex-girlfriend and associate of Jeffrey Epstein, has reportedly been arrested by the FBI after a long-running mystery over her whereabouts.

Maxwell, daughter of disgraced millionaire tycoon Robert Maxwell, was apprehended on the East Coast of the USA, NBC New York reports.

The FBI was previously said to have been building a “strong case” against Maxwell, who is alleged to have facilitated Epstein’s abuse – claims she has always denied.

ghislaine maxwell arrested

With Ghislaine Maxwell arrested, NBC reports that the British socialite – described as Epstein’s “right hand person” – is expected in court later today.

In the time since Epstein’s death by apparent suicide, rumours have swirled over Maxwell’s location – she’s been linked to New Mexico, France, and LA.

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