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Quiz: Can you guess which two celebrities have been morphed together?

I cannot unsee these

In the past couple of weeks you’ve probably seen loads of people sharing pictures of what they would look like if they were the other gender – using a gender swap filter. That’s all fun and games, but that filter isn’t all that FaceApp brings to the world – it also has a filter which can morph two faces together. So here is the perfect way to pass 10 minutes, a celebrity morph quiz.

In the following quiz, pictures of two celebrities have been blended together and all you have to do is take a wild guess at who they are. Which sounds simple, but trust me, some of these celebrities should never be mixed together, like ever. You can’t unsee some of these images.

Take this celebrity morph quiz to see if you can guess who has been blended together:

If you want to join in on the morphing celebs together, here’s a guide on how to download and use FaceApp, the same app which allows you to use the gender swap filter. Or you can visit the app website here.

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