Quiz: Can you guess which celebrity lives in these incredible houses?

Oh to be living here right now

Right now, the world is a very very weird place. But one of the (many few) positives we can take from the global situation is that we’re getting an unprecedented look into the lives of the rich and famous. Celebs are all staying home and posting pictures of them in their gorgeous houses. So how much have you been paying attention? This celebrity houses quiz is about to tell you.

Whilst a lot of celebrities have been moaning in their big old mansions about being trapped inside, some have been sharing fun videos and pictures of their homes and inviting us normal people inside. So if you’ve been watching all their Instagram stories this test should be a breeze.

It’s time to go through the keyhole. All you have to do is guess the celebrity or famous family who live in the houses below. Easy, right?

Take this celebrity houses quiz to see if you can match the famous person to their posh pad:

All pictures via Instagram and YouTube. 

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