Can celebs stop crying in their mansions about being in lockdown

No one cares

Everyone is dealing with lockdown in their own way. Some people are coping pretty well, they’ve made themselves a routine, invested in some hobbies and are just getting on with it. Others are struggling to cope for mental health reasons, financial worries or living in cramped conditions. But the people who are finding this lockdown so incredibly tough, are the celebrities stuck inside their million pound mansions. Must be tough guys.

Pour one out for the celebs like Sam Smith, Ellen and Madonna who have been sharing videos and Instagram posts telling the world how sad, bored and frustrated they are with lockdown. This isn’t the situation anyone wants to be in but it’s what we’re currently dealing with.

And a lot of people are finding celebrities’ tone deaf comments about being healthy and stuck in massive houses with tonnes of outdoor space and plentiful food supplies pretty hard to stomach.  The coronavirus pandemic has caused many people to lose loved ones, lose jobs and to live in cramped conditions with no outdoor space. So hearing Ellen comparing quarantine to jail is obviously causing a lot of backlash and pain for people who are really struggling with lockdown.

And Ellen isn’t alone her pity party, these are all the celebrities who won’t shut up about lockdown being difficult from their mansions:

Sam Smith

Sam Smith posted a video on their Instagram a few weeks ago about suffering from a coronavirus breakdown. In their post, Sam was sat on the front steps of their £12 million mansion, looked like they were crying and captioned the post “Stages of a quarantine meltdown”.

celebrities complaining lockdown

via Instagram @samsmith

Sam has been sharing a number of pics of their house over the last few days and let’s just say I don’t think any of us would have any problems isolating there.

celebrities complaining lockdown

via Instagram @samsmith

A lot of people on Twitter were furious with the comments and said how people had lost their jobs, had children to feed and didn’t know where their next meal was coming from.


Ellen came under major fire this week after she likened quarantine to jail. She’s started doing her show from home and kicked it off by saying: “This is like being in jail, is what it is. Mostly because I’ve been the same clothes for 10 days and everyone in here is gay.”

Just a reminder, the house Ellen is currently isolating in is worth $27 million. The house has a gym, infinity pool, 10 bathrooms and eight bedrooms. Doesn’t sound like jail to me. For those who have lost jobs, have no outside space, are living with a large number of people this really isn’t helpful or kind.

Looks horrid. Many people on Twitter also commented people in jail are dying from coronavirus and yet Ellen is out here getting paid to make jokes about it.


Gordon Ramsay

Gordon Ramsay has already been a major knob during the pandemic by laying off 500 members of staff who may not get their jobs back after this is all over. And now he’s started complaining about lockdown from his £4 million house in Cornwall.

Gordon has said being at the house is a “living nightmare” and he’s complained about having to make loads of meals for his family. The number of people visiting food banks has reportedly risen since the pandemic and yet Gordon is out here moaning about “working his fingers to the bone”.


A few weeks ago Madonna posted a video of herself in a bath and called coronavirus “a great equalizer”. It’s unknown if Madonna is isolating from her $8 million mansion in Lisbon, but either way her comments are completely tone deaf.

In the very odd bath video she said the disease has made us equal and what’s terrible about it, is what’s great about it. She said: “It’s the great equaliser and what’s terrible about it is what’s great about it.”

“What’s terrible about it is that it’s made us all equal in many ways, and what’s wonderful about is, is that it’s made us all equal in many ways.”

I think the thousands of death from the virus are pretty terrible and it’s definitely not what’s great about it.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger started preaching to everyone to stay at home from his jacuzzi whilst smoking a cigar. In a video he said: “Here I am at home, taking a jacuzzi, smoking a little stogie.

“I just finished a bike ride and a little bit of workout and I just keep staying at home, away from the crowds and away from outside.

“The reason why I’m saying that is because I still see photographs and videos of people sitting outside in cafes all over the world and having a good time and hanging out in crowds. That is not wise, because that’s how you can get the virus. That’s how you get it.”

celebrities complaining lockdown

Whilst well intentioned, his comments weren’t appreciated, as many people pointed out most of us don’t live in a mansion with unlimited resources.

Nicole Richie

Nicole is trying to get back to the Simple Life days by telling us all we should start growing our own food. In an Instagram live with Miley Cyrus, she said anyone can do it.

Nicole lives in a $6.7 million mansion that has plenty of outside space. Growing your own food requires recourses that not everyone has available or can afford.

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