QUIZ: Which Scrubs character are you?


If you grew up spending half your childhood watching Scrubs on E4 you will understand that Scrubs is for life, not just for 6pm after school marathons (before mum calls you for dinner). Scrubs stays with you. It moulds your humour, shapes your personality. I’d still wager a good amount of money that Dr Cox was a more influential figure than my actual father growing up. What I’m saying is: those who love Scrubs, love it hard. And they do not know how to let go.

I don’t know if you know, but Channel 4 just put all series on All 4, and a quick rewatch will have you thinking one question: Which Scrubs character am I? One of them had a substantially larger impact on your personality growing up than the others, and it’s time to finally find out who that was. Hope it’s not the Janitor lmao.

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