Quiz: Tell us your post lockdown plans and we’ll tell you where you’re from

It’s only the North if you’re gagging for some chips in gravy right now

There’s only one thing we all want right now: The pub. The big, stinkin’ pub. And some tunes. And all our mates. And a pub trip that devolves into a stupidly messy night out that your body punishes you for, but you couldn’t be more grateful because LOCKDOWN IS OVER and we have been so sorely denied it. Okay, so maybe we want more than one thing. But we want it BAD.

As a way of vicariously living out your post-lockdown plans before you can, you know, actually live them, I want you to tell me them. In quiz answer form. Then, because every post lockdown idealised night out is different, I’ll guess where you’re from. If the quiz gets it wrong, you can publicly harangue me until I renounce my title as quizmaster general and… please just take the damn quiz. And for all the Northerners that get the South: I’m so very very sorry.

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