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Who would be your Netflix boyfriend? Take this quiz to find out

Secretly you want it to be Joe Goldberg, don’t you?


Do you ever watch a Netflix series and think, you know what I wish the male lead was my boyfriend? All the time, right? Well you’re in the right place, because this quiz is about to tell you which Netflix guy is your boyfriend, your future husband, your destiny, your soulmate.

Do you want someone who is intense and will do ~quite literally~ anything for you like Joe Goldberg? Or do you want someone who might not be able to share his feelings but is just a nice guy, like Otis from Sex Education? Do you long for the finer life with a Duke on your arm? Or maybe you want a secret bad boy who treats you like a princess like Marcus, or a cheeky chap who will always keep you on your toes like Harry from Too Hot To Handle? The possibilities are endless.

It’s time to find out the true fate of your love life, if for some reason you dated a guy on Netflix.

Find out which Netflix guy is your ideal boyfriend in this quiz:

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