Quiz: Which iconic Love Island couple are you and your partner really?

We can’t all be Alex and Olivia

Throughout the six seasons of Love Island there has been every type of couple imaginable and most relationships will match up to an iconic Love Island pairing. So which iconic Love Island couple are you and your significant other? Because not everyone can be as happy as Jamie and Camilla.

You could be like the truly wonderful, actual couple goals in real life Alex and Olivia or Jamie and Camilla, married or welcoming your first child. Everyone loves you as a couple. Or you could be the forever “will they won’t they couple” like Nathan and Cara, who despite being obviously obsessed with each other, just won’t get it together.

On the other end of the spectrum, you could be in a relationship like Curtis and Maura, where everyone was like – what, those two are together? It’s mismatched, doesn’t seem like it would work and turns out it didn’t.

In a more troubled relationship, you guys could be like Chris and Olivia, who just will not stop arguing. Or maybe you’re all about the sex and can’t get enough of each other just like Wes and Megan.

Take this quiz to see which iconic Love Island couple you and your partner actually are:

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