Ranked: How much people actually respect your uni

If you’re not on this list, I have some bad news

Unless you’re making a song for the soundtrack of the first Shrek film, you probably give a damn about your reputation. Especially if you’re a university. It’s more than just a point of pride – it’ll probably determine how well you do in the apocalyptic grad jobs market.

But how respected is the university you go to? In a stroke of fortune, there’s a rankings for that.

Based on a survey of academics, the Times Higher Education World Reputation Rankings 2019 crunches the numbers and figures out exactly how respected the UK’s top unis are.

Only 10 UK universities make it into the world top 100. Unsurprisingly, Cambridge and Oxford top this table. However, there are a few surprises.

In a weird turn of fate, UCL is far more respected than its bitter rival KCL. It sits over 30 places above “Strand Poly” in the world rankings, and four places in the UK rankings.

Durham students, who consider themselves to be oh-so-nearly-Oxbridge, will be gutted to find themselves merely sneaking onto the top table. Humiliatingly, they’re on a par with Warwick.

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