Quiz: Which Too Hot To Handle girl would you get with?

Let’s be honest, we all want Francesca

The girls on Netflix’s Too Hot To Handle are some of the finest women to have ever walked this earth, like seriously, were they created in a lab or something? The newest dating show, that is far better than Love Island, doesn’t allow the contestants to engage in sexual activity or else they lose money, but obviously that hasn’t stopped a few of them. And really who can blame them.

But what if it was you? Which girl would you happily get with and lose a casual $20k for? Are you all about a sassy blonde like Haley? Or are you after someone sweet and chill like Nicole? Or are you like most of the human population and dying for the chance to get with Francesca? We’ve created an incredibly accurate quiz which will determine which Too Hot To Handle girl you should be getting with.

Take this quiz to find out which girl from Netflix’s Too Hot To Handle you’d get with:

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