All the tragic ways the Too Hot To Handle cast tried to become famous before the show

Harry won another dating show and Lydia had an STI test on TV

One of the great things about Too Hot To Handle is how honest the contestants are about their Instagram following, how much they care about the money and that the show is basically going to make them famous. And it turns out for some of them this isn’t the first time they’ve been on TV or done something to try and rack up the Insta followers.

A few of the contestants have already been on other reality shows and even won them, Harry, I’m looking at you. Others have allegedly dated famous DJs or created their own movies.

These are all the attempts to become famous the Too Hot To Handle cast made before the show:


Too Hot To Handle is actually Harry’s second dating reality show. He’s already done another one in New Zealand and I feel cheated. Harry appeared on Heartbreak Island in 2018, which is essentially the New Zealand version of Love Island. Harry ended up winning the show with Georgia Byers and they received a cool $100,000.

Harry and Georgia announced they had broken up ONE day after the finale aired and they no longer follow each on Instagram.


Before Francesca appeared on Too Hot To Handle she was already had a huge following of 300,000 followers on Instagram. As she said in the show, she makes a killing on Instagram, mainly through her work with Fashion Nova.

She’s also rumoured to have dated Diplo.


Matthew has been trying to make it big for a good few years. In 2012 he was in an episode of New Girl, but what a lot of people recognise him from is America’s Next Top Model.

Matthew was on season 21 of the show in 2014, alongside Winnie Harlow. He finished in 10th place for having a lack of facial expressions and was most remembered for his friendship/flirtationship with fellow contestant Will Jardell.


So Lydia has had two rather tragic appearances on TV before going on Too Hot To Handle. She first appeared on Ibiza Weekender, she was one of the guests and Jordan kissed her on their first night out and jokingly proposed to her.

Her second TV stint was on E4’s Sex Clinic where she had an STI test. On the show she discussed how many people she had sex with in the last six months, what type of sex she’s into and spoiler alert, she didn’t have chlamydia.


Sharron has already had appearances on two reality shows before Too Hot To Handle. In 2017, he was on MTV’s Undressed. In the show contestants have to undress each other and spend 30 minutes getting to know each other and at the end of the show decide if they want to see each other again.

Sharron was 24 when he went on the show and is described as a personal trainer who is studying for his law degree.

He also appeared on the reality show Love and Hip Hop Atlanta.


Bryce is a director, screenwriter and producer. He’s the only cast member to have his own Wikipedia page. Bryce’s first length feature film “Counterfeiters”, which he also starred in, was shown at a number of film festivals around the world.

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