Too Hot To Handle would have been nothing without the chaotic queen Haley

She held the show and you know it

One person has really caused a stir on Netflix’s new dating show Too Hot To Handle – Haley Cureton. The Florida sorority girl has divided the world into complete Haley stans and those who cannot stand her.

And I’m just going to come out and say it – I am 100 per cent team Haley and anyone who isn’t doesn’t know reality television. You’re not meant to picture yourself being best friends with every single cast member because that would be unforgivably boring. Not everyone is meant to get on and have a great time because who wants to watch that?

I want DRAMA. I want ARGUMENTS. I want to constantly feel as though someone could ruin the entire show, go crazy and trash the villa. That is exactly how I felt watching Haley – she was the best part of Too Hot To Handle and I have the evidence.

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She was just straight up honest and unfiltered

One of the reasons everyone seems to be hating on Haley is because she constantly moaned about not liking the people in the villa. But if she didn’t like them, she didn’t like them. She can’t help that. At least she didn’t sit back and pretend to be best friends with them all. If she had, everyone would have slated her for being two faced – she literally couldn’t have come across well at all.

She came on a reality TV show to get some fame and make pure money and tbh, same Haley. We are all Haley. I’m fed up of reality TV stars pretending they are all invested in the process when they really just care about hitting a million Instagram followers and bagging some sponsored deals and a clothing line.

And are we going to forget some of the classic lines she served up? She didn’t know what a loophole was, had no clue where Australia was and never forget when she said that she wasn’t sure if Bryce living on a boat meant he was really poor or really rich. She is an icon.

You can’t hate on her for not respecting Lana’s process, when it’s literally not what she signed up for

Haley said she “didn’t care for Lana’s process” and people seemed to instantly turn on her. But I think people are forgetting that she didn’t even sign up for Lana’s process. The show makes it clear that all the contestants were under the impression they were about to have a sex-fuelled summer in Mexico and then all that was swiped from underneath them. Rightly so she was pissed off.

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All the reasons people moan about her are the exact same reasons she makes great television

I’m not denying that she brought the mood down a notch in the villa, but if it was all plain-sailing and friendly the entire way through it would have been so boring. Haley was the dash of spice the show really needed, a bit of darkness to keep you on edge. What was she going to do next? Who could she piss off next? Did she have anymore revenge plans up her sleeve? I don’t know about you, but all this definitely had me ready to click “next episode” in a heartbeat.

Her and Francesca wreaked chaos and it was absolutely golden

If I could describe Haley in one word it would be chaotic. She was the Jessica Batten or the Megan Barton-Hanson of Too Hot To Handle. Reality TV shows need someone who splits opinion and doesn’t go for the straight forward journey, they need a person to come in and mix up the dynamic, piss people off and ruffle a few feathers and Haley did just that.

Her and Francesca together was simply TV gold. They saw an opportunity to break the rules and make some drama and they took it. This is the chaotic energy we WANT MORE OF.

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She didn’t even win the money

I would have more time for people moaning about Haley if she had actually won the money because nobody can deny that would have been unfair. But, she was booted off and won zero. When she was told to go she strutted out and never looked back.

Congrats Haley, you’ve officially earned you place in the unfiltered reality tv queen team. Take your crown.

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