Quiz: Which Too Hot To Handle guy would you get with?

If my destiny isn’t David I will probably cry

One thing is for sure: All the people on Too Hot To Handle are ridiculously good looking. The girls are all perfect looking and the guys look like they were sent to earth from the heavens. So you don’t even need to be ashamed if you’ve imagined which of the boys you’d get with or if you’ve even planned your entire life together. This Too Hot To Handle quiz is about to tell you which guy from the show really is your destiny.

Do you love a bad boy like Kori? Or do you long for your English gentleman like David? Do you want someone to give you that perfect balance of fun yet sensible like Kelz? Or are you into more of a good-time joker like Harry? Who knows, you might only care for deep and meaningful connections and be longing to find your Matthew or want to be the girl to change Bryce and pin him down for life.

The following quiz will answer all your inner questions and finally tell you which Too Hot To Handle guy you should get with. Fingers crossed it works out for you both x

Take this quiz to find out which Too Hot To Handle guy truly is your soulmate:

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