This is how much the Too Hot To Handle contestants are fined for everything

The exchange rates are pretty good tbf

There’s a lot to love in Netflix’s Too Hot To Handle. Some might enjoy the memes or the show’s head-on approach to toxic masculinity, but I like the fact that losing tens of thousands isn’t enough to keep the contestants’ hands off each other.

With the fines kept from the contestants, they don’t know how much of the $100,000 they’ll be kissing goodbye to until they smooch. Which makes it easy to lose track of.

So here, in one place, is everything we know about the Too Hot To Handle fines list.

Kiss – $3,000

Although this seems like a relatively small penalty for a little peck – at least compared to the other fines – why would you not just wait until the green light?

Oral – $6,000

For the price of two kisses, this seems cheap. In fact, the producers have admitted as much. In an interview with The Wrap, executive producer Viki Kolar said: “We wanted to make it acceptable to break the rules so that we would have a show, but we also didn’t want to be too much about the money.”

Intercourse – $20,000

The biggie – going all the way will cost the group a fifth of the prize pot. Which isn’t enough to stop a certain someone having a spring in their step after doing the deed.

After all, it’s only six-and-a-bit kisses.

Masturbating and hand stuff – unknown

We don’t know how much “self-pleasuring”, hand stuff, or heavy petting costs the contestants.

However, these totals leave us with a problem. How do we get to the $16,000 fine from Sharron and Rhonda? It doesn’t fit neatly into any of these. Two orals and a kiss is $15,000, one oral and three kisses is $15,000, and three orals is $18,000.

So presumably they did something else we don’t know about.

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