These 25 memes about the 5k run challenge can be enjoyed without moving at all

Wow, we really are lazy


The ‘Run for Heroes’ challenge is everywhere on Instagram. It includes running 5k, nominating five other friends to do it and donating £5 to the NHS after. All that sounds quite simple, but share a little thought for those in society who literally couldn’t do that if they tried. The run 5k memes on Twitter prove they are an alliance, the collection of people who are wondering – when on Earth did everyone get this fit? 

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that they don’t want to raise money for the NHS, it’s just having not run since P.E lessons at school it just simply isn’t doable without passing out and injuring yourself. And yes, you probably could walk the entire time but if you crop the screenshot of your time and distance everyone will KNOW.

Here are the best run 5k memes which you can enjoy from the comfort of your sofa, without having to actually move at all.

1. Please don’t do this to me after Easter !!

2. I’m with the latter x

3. At least my friends know me well x

4. Like??? For real???

5. Truth x

6. Hahaha just warming up no worries x

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7. It’s for the best x

8. Did I get left behind???

9. Seriously though

10. It’s just NOT POSSIBLE

11. Omg what post?! Never saw it x

12. You guys are the best x

13. Willing to pay!!

14. Wow ok then everyone

15. I’m lazy AND poor ok

16. You will never see me again

17. The GUILT

18. I think you’re LYING


20. I’m ready to be bottom of the pile

21. I’m genuinely scared

22. Absolutely not x

23. I am confusion???

24. You dare tag me I swear to god

25. I am Lucy

If you’re looking for ways to actually donate to the NHS without moving, see here. For the latest NHS advice, see here. 

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