Here are 35 of the best quaranmemes to come out of lockdown week two

Once again I am looking at memes just to feel something

The only respite in these trying times is Twitter dot com. Just like how people a hundred years ago in the 1920’s Spanish Influenza probably read books and made Spanish Omelettes (I don’t know I wasn’t there) to pass the time – we use quaranmemes. Say what you like about lockdown, but the Twitter pickings are fine this week, and we been eating good.

For a little bit of distraction, as a treat, here are 35 of the absolute best. When you’re reading them and laughing you may even feel the reality of being trapped in your house-cage slip away a little, and brief fleeting glimpses of serotonin returning. I cannot promise that these prescribed memes will cure your quarantine depression, but we can at least try.

1. Remember when we thought 2016 was bad

2. Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello going for their quarantine walk is a negative vibe check

3. Ye Olde Coronavirus

Also why does this sound like some shit from Game of Thrones or one of the Divergent movies. Put it back.

4. This is definitely not an essential item

5. I’m so tired. You have no idea how tired I am

6. Sum up moving back in with your family during lockdown (8 marks)

7. Can’t wait to attend Goofy’s virtual funeral

8. This is the only trend challenge I can get behind

Forward this tweet or you will die in seven days.

9. Feel like pure shit just want pints back

10. I love these repeatable formats. My name is Greg Peppers

11. No one says it like Stephen from Gogglebox says it

12. First drink out of quarantine has gotta be a good one

13. Shopping in this day and age be like making supermarket runs in a zombie film

14. I am, and I cannot stress this enough, sad

15. Quarantine is all about togetherness. Except some people really just suck

16. Lockdown can have a little Animal Crossing, as a treat

17. Lockdown for humans is Christmas for pets, prove me wrong

18. It’s the little things, you know

19. Personality = attacked

20. Horniness levels reaching maximum capacity. Overload incoming

21. Thank you Rishi, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you

22. Everyone, play nice

23. How many people will leave this lockdown with separation anxiety from Adrienne

24. I got shit to do, get off my back

25. Making little changes to keep yourself sane

26. Oh to be a woman having loud sex and coming really hard

27. It was a big one

28. Reali-tea

29. Do you think a depressed person could write these captions?

Don’t @ me.

30. Gwarn Hennerz!

31. Even the despisers of PE and organised sports would be very down for a rounders game right now

32. He just wants to be friends

33. Sorry to any wedded folk out here reading this meme round up

34. And I miss them all so much

35. I have to laugh

Why do Chris Witty be looking like a cardboard cut out doe?

Please make sure you’re staying safe, staying inside and following NHS guidelines.

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