Take this quiz to find out how well you’ll actually handle lockdown

It’s day two and I’m already bored

We’re now basically in lockdown and how you’re going to handle it really says a lot about you. For some, this is the moment they’ve preparing for their whole lives. These are the Netflix addicts who spend most of their time inside anyway, always cancel plans and only surface to get more snacks.

Or there are those who are all about studying, ticking off things on their to do list and love hanging out with their family. The idea of lockdown isn’t actually terrifying for them and they’re excited about making a colour coded routine list.

For others this lockdown period is going to be a disaster. It’s the people who are always up for a night out, constantly have plans and hate the idea of a quiet Friday night in that are going to struggle only seeing the same few people every day.

Or some people are going to struggle not going to the gym, seeing their partner or being able to go on dates.

Whatever you’re feeling as lockdown begins, you’re probably going to wonder how well am I actually going to cope.

Well take this quiz to find out how well you’ll actually handle lock down:

For the latest NHS and government advice on coronavirus (COVID-19) see here.

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