Don’t tell Boris you read these 29 lockdown memes on your second jog of the day

Don’t want you getting arrested!!

Last night, in what was the most viewed TV moment of the 2010s, Boris Johnson in so many words announced the UK is going into lockdown to prevent the spread of coronavirus. We might only be allowed out to exercise once a day and to the shops to get essentials, but we can laugh at memes all we want – so the following lockdown memes can be enjoyed as much as you desire.

Twitter responded to the announcement the only way it knows how – lockdown memes came in thick and fast, and despite there being nationwide panic and fear, we can always rely on the internet to help us come together and still share a laugh.

Here are the best lockdown memes we have to offer, enjoy them and laugh, you deserve it.

1. Nothing to see here x


3. Listen here, Sandra is at it again and I’m not having it


5. I’m exercising I promise !!!

6. The sofa is staring at me. I’m sure of it

7. This is the world now

8. I’m sorry but they are an essential

9. Hehe what am I like x

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10. Omg they’re coming for me SHIT

11. I’m in a situation here yikes

12. I am a man

13. They can’t stop us all !!!

14. Beautiful

15. I’ve done it again

16. Come on now, calm down

17. Obviously ?!?!?!?!?!

18. STAY ! AT ! HOME !

19. Yep, you’re nicked

20. Lots of traffic today might be late x

21. Hello yes Mr Smdnkvkavnka

22. No

23. Ummmm what you playing at???

24. Here I am again !

25. Yikes once again !

26. DO YOU KNOW???!!!


28. Um yeah so um idk ?

29. You would never

29. Leeeeeeaaave

In all seriousness though, stay home. For the latest NHS and government advice on coronavirus (COVID-19) see here.

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