These 25 memes will speak to you if you’re spending every waking moment playing Sims

My whole life now revolves around the Sims

If you’re not playing Sims 4, that’s recently gone on sale for £11.24, then what on earth are you using your quarantine time for?

This self-isolation period is not for wholesome development, baking and yoga. It’s a time to get your virtual self woohooing, building your dream house and putting your Sims in the pool and taking away the ladder and watching them drown. It’s fine, we’ve all done it.

Lots of people are already using Sims as the way to fill their time and the gateway to feeling like life is still real by experiencing it through the Sims. And there’s been a lot of memes created celebrating the best game there is, sorry Animal Crossing, but it’s just fact.

These are the funniest memes about playing the Sims:

1.Who would have thought Sims would have been a reflection of real life?

2. My plan for the next 12 weeks

3. Hahahhahha

4. I’m defo going to use isolation to get into yoga

5. The woohoo look over the shoulder was a real mood

6. Yes, yes you are

7. How every evening is going to be looking for the foreseeable future

8. God Karen just let me look after my Sims family in peace

9. We are all Amy

10. Even in Sims there’s inequality

11. They’re going to go through it with me

12. It goes from high fiving to three kids real quick

13. Wow

14. WTF is wrong with me?

15. Sorry, what?

16. They got the outfits spot on as well

17. Oops, who did that?

18. I just want to go back to uni

19. Bang on.

20. This is my current quarantine look

21. Bye guys, I’m off

22. All the hideous outfits are coming back to me now

23. After isolation is over I’m defo going to become an interior designer, just look at my skills

24. It’s the only thing keeping us happy

25. Omg I’m screaming

Featured image credit: EA Games

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