PSA: Sims 4 is now on sale for £11 and that’s my isolation plans sorted

Okay, so £11.24

EA have taken one for the team and are now selling Sims 4 The Digital Deluxe Edition for £11.24!! And now you finally have something to get you through that potential 12 week quarantine.

The deluxe edition was originally being sold for £44.99 but they’ve dropped the price by 75 per cent and we couldn’t be more grateful.

via EA Games

Now the threat of having to spend every waking moment inside doesn’t seem as depressing because you experience multiple lifetimes through Sims. And let’s not forget that in our childhoods you could literally spend days on end creating cities and it would feel like time would just vanish.

Having the Sims 4 is going to let you experience going on dates, changing your hair, meeting up with friends, going to the gym and getting laid when you can’t do any of those things because of quarantine. And let’s not forget building your dream house so you can escape the reality that is living in your childhood bedroom for the foreseeable future.

This edition also includes the Up All Night and Life of The Party packages, so even though you can’t go to the pub, the virtual you can. These packs lets you go to a tiki bar, get more outfits, have party costumes and a laser show. Which honestly sounds more exciting than my pre quarantine life anyway.

via EA Games

The pack also includes the Awesome Animal Hats content, because that’s obviously essential content. It also has the soundtrack included, so your whole isolation life can be Sims fuelled.

All the other expansion packs are on sale as well, including the Discover University package, which is perfect, as you probably won’t be going back till uni till September.

You can buy the Sims 4 Digital Deluxe Edition here.

Featured Image Credit: EA Games

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