Shut the front door, Spoons is scrapping the Long Island Iced Tea this week


Spoons are removing three pitchers from their menus this week, including the beloved, iconic, heavily alcoholic Long Island Iced Tea pitcher, to make room for six new ones.

LIIT (Long Island Iced Tea) is due to be removed from the menu along with the far less important Ultra Violet and Very Cherry, which honestly I do not care about and didn’t even know existed.

It turns out it will be taken of the menu TOMORROW, and the CEO of Wetherspoons himself didn’t even think to emotionally prepare us? At least one month’s notice should have been given, to be honest. Ripping the bandaid off has never hurt so much.

It will be replaced by six new pitchers, because that’s how many pitchers take to fill the gaping hole of Long Island Iced Tea, and also conveniently how many pitchers it takes to match the alcohol quantity of LIIT (I’m kidding, but if you know, you know). The new pitchers available can be found here.

So get it while you can today, because it’s the last Spoons Long Island Iced Tea pitcher you’re ever gonna get. Try and enjoy it, even if it is salted with the taste of your own tears.

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