Wetherspoons has introduced six new cocktail pitchers and they sound incredible

I’ll take six Kopparberg strawberry delights please

In what can only be described as the most welcomed news of 2020 so far, Wetherspoons has announced it is introducing six new cocktail pitchers.

The new flavours include a Kopparberg strawberry delight, which is made from Kopparberg strawberry and lime mixed with gin and lemonade and topped with lime.

The six new Wetherspoons cocktail pitchers are:

• Kopparberg strawberry delight

• Hawaiian pipeline punch

• Cranberry breeze

• Rhubarb spritz

• Mighty booch

• Moscow mule

Hawaiian pipeline punch is made with a combination of Captain Morgan original spiced gold rum and Captain Morgan Tiki. It’s topped up with lemonade and lime. The cranberry breeze and rhubarb spritz both have a vodka base. The cranberry breeze is then topped up with cranberry juice, lemonade and lime, whilst the rhubarb spritz is made with fizzy rhubarb, lemonade and lime. The mighty booch is Kombucha raspberry lemonade, soda and lime and the Moscow mule is similar to the classic cocktail with vodka, ginger beer, lemonade and lime.

However it’s out with old and in with the new, as the six new cocktails mean three old favourites are being taken off the menu. You literally have until tomorrow (March 11th) to have your final pitcher of the departing cocktail jugs. You can find which drinks are being removed here.

The new drinks are already available to buy. Wetherspoons is a franchise so prices vary, but pitchers are usually around £6.99. I’ll see you there.

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