Spoons is finally getting a proper vegan burger

See ya, bean burger

Years of fumbling around with the run-of-the-mill Wetherspoon bean burger have been rewarded as the pub giant is finally launching a vegan burger.

Produced by UK company The Meatless Farm, the new fake meat patty is made from pea, soy, rice protein, chicory root, and carrot fibre, and is gluten-free.

Even better, it'll be in the burger and drink deal, like normal. Jameson Robinson, Wetherspoon's Head of Food, also confirmed to The Tab that "there is a gourmet option too, with added salsa, smashed avocado and 6 onion rings."

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The burger is coming to all 880 Wetherspoon's pubs after a successful trial at 40 outlets.

Robinson said: "We are keen to offer vegetarian and vegan pub-goers an excellent choice of meals to enjoy at Wetherspoon. The plant-based burger is a great addition to the menu and we are confident that it will prove popular with vegetarians and vegans as well as those who eat meat."

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